Military and Veterans

At Children’s, nobody outranks Georgia’s kids. And nothing is more important than making them better today and healthier tomorrow. To fulfill this Mission, we need people like you who have dedicated their lives to service to fill both clinical and nonclinical roles across our System, including many positions outside of patient care, like IT, security and more. Here, you’ll find a supportive culture, opportunities to leverage your expertise and build new skills, and the fulfillment that comes with knowing you are making a difference no matter which role you choose. 

Our Promise: 
People First, Children Always. 

Our promise is what we aspire to live by every day. As part of our team, you come first—your needs, your growth, your wellness—so that you feel appreciated and supported to perform at your best.
Children’s employee participates in on-site fitness class.
The Benefits
You Deserve
At Children’s you’ll find all of the resources you need and the rewards you deserve to find balance and opportunity, to stay healthy and feel supported. This includes special benefits to promote emotional and physical wellness, such as one-on-one emotional wellness counseling sessions and on-site fitness centers, as well as perks like a free concierge service.

Helping You Be Your Best

We offer ample opportunities for professional growth, with resources to help you transition into a civilian career, enhance your skills and advance within our System. No matter your background or expertise, we’ll help you leverage your strengths, tailor your career path and find success doing what you love.
Building a Foundation for Your Success We’ll help you design a rewarding career path, equipping you with the tools you need to thrive in your current role, as well as additional resources, like certified career coaches, should you decide to change roles within Children’s or aspire to a leadership position. Set the bar high—Children’s will help you get there.
Supporting Your Development
Our robust learning and development offerings, including free access to more than 10,000 online courses, are designed to help you gain the skills you need to take your career to the next level. We also offer educational assistance for select degree programs so you can enhance your job-related skills.
Creating a Collaborative Culture From day one, you will experience tailored onboarding that helps ensure your goals and needs are met. Throughout your career at Children’s, you will see how we encourage new and experienced staff members to share their wisdom, offer support and learn together.
Children's employees honoring veterans
Fostering a Sense of Community Voluntary and employee-led, the Veteran and Allies Leading for Organizational Results (VALOR) employee resource group (ERG) brings together military veterans, active-duty employees, military family members and allies to foster connection, build community and support one another. 

Hear From Our Veterans and Military Team Members

Jeremy, Chief Information Officer and Army veteran
“Like many people with a military background, I’ve found it can be challenging to find the same sense of mission that serving my country provided. Children’s offers that level of purpose, which makes it easy to motivate myself to give my best every day. Doing my best work is fulfilling and adds an important dimension to my life. I love that this perspective is widely shared by leaders, physicians and staff here. I think we do a great job finding mission-oriented and dedicated team members to help us achieve our vision to do everything possible to make anything possible for kids.” 
Jeremy, Chief Information Officer and Army veteran
Jeremy Meller Chief Information Officer at Children's
"One of the hardest parts of transitioning from active-duty military service to civilian life was losing the camaraderie the military brings. I found a home at Children’s in the Veteran and Allies Leading for Organizational Results (VALOR) employee resource group (ERG), which brings veterans from all over the System together and fosters a sense of community. As a current military reservist, I am able to serve my country and fulfill the Children's Mission, so I can make a meaningful impact in both my civilian and military careers."
Jessica, Manager of Employee Wellness, Co-Chair of the VALOR ERG, Navy veteran
Jeremy Meller Chief Information Officer at Children's
“I would not be the person I am today without the Army. It gave me purpose, drive and new perspective. When I got out…I wanted to work for a company that had a mission I could fully devote myself to. Here at Children’s, we know what our purpose and Mission is because we see it in our halls every day. And even after all these years, I wouldn’t change what I do for the world.”
Carlos, Vice President of Facilities and Army veteran