Flexible Staffing Options

At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, nurses play an integral role in our mission to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow. Becoming a nurse at Children’s is more than a smart career choice—it’s an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child and to join a family of nurses who are dedicated to providing excellent care. 

While you take care of our patients, we’ll take care of you. At Children’s, we value our nurses and believe in a work-life balance. We provide experienced nurses with enhanced pay rates, a variety of flexible work schedules and a positive work environment. From our in-house PRN float pool offering premium pay to our seasonal staffing contracts and weekend staffing programs, Children’s has the right program to support your busy life. We are dedicated to ensuring your success by making sure your work needs fit your life’s demands.

In-House Float Pool

The Children’s float pool includes multiple pods throughout our inpatient and outpatient areas based on experience: emergency department pod, critical care pod, hematology/oncology pod, general patient care pod, outpatient/clinics pod. Nurses in the float pool choose between 48  or 96 hours in a 6-week period. Both levels offer premium hourly pay plus shift differentials. Float pool employees can set self-scheduling options, and, although it is required to rotate between all shifts, participants can indicate primary shift preference.

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Weekend-Option Staffing

Based on unit availability, Children’s offers premium weekend option pay for weekend staffing commitments throughout our inpatient and urgent care areas. Depending on the department and scheduling needs, Children’s offers a full-time day and night weekend option differential.

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Seasonal Staffing Program

Children’s offers a seasonal staffing program for inpatient areas during peak winter seasons, allowing nurses to work a 4-, 6- or 8-month contract. In addition to your hourly rate, calculated based on experience, you also receive a seasonal differential for shifts worked during the on-season. Full-time benefits are available for those working 6 and 8 months of the year. Seasonal employees can elect to take the off-season without pay or use paid time off (PTO) to be paid up to their full full-time employment status during off-season. With special approval, you can pick up shifts during your off-season.

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