The section below provides answers to frequently asked questions about the recruitment process.  Click the green text to display the corresponding answer.

Easily search all of our current position openings at Then use our online system to create a profile and submit an application. Be sure to review the job descriptions carefully and apply only for those positions that match your skills and qualifications. Please note that Children's does not accept paper applications or unsolicited resumes.
Due to the number of applicants and the volume of applications we receive, we can only accept applications online. As much as we would like to meet every applicant, we simply do not have the capacity to meet with candidates in person unless you are selected to move further in the hiring process.
No. Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to accept unsolicited or paper resumes. We require that all job applicants use the online system to ensure our hiring process is efficient and fair to all.
All resumes should be submitted using our online system. However, if you are unable to do so—because you are using assistive technologies, for example—please contact us at and we will advise you on how best to proceed.
Not initially. Due to the large number of job seekers interested in employment with Children’s, our recruiters cannot meet individually with potential job applicants. The role of our recruiters is to facilitate the process, screen applicants and refer the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager. If an applicant is selected to move further in the process, a recruiter or hiring manager may then conduct an in-person or phone interview.
When you submit your application online, you will receive an automatic email confirmation from our system. Please remember to check your spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation, it could mean that your application was not submitted properly. You will need to go back online and resubmit your application. You will always receive a confirmation if we have received your application.
Your profile will be saved in our system where you can review and make edits to the information you’ve provided; however, you will be required to submit an application for each position in which you are interested.
After submitting an online application, you may log back into our online system at any time to check the status of your application. Please understand the timeline of the recruiting process varies for each individual candidate search. It is not unusual for positions to remain open for an extended period and for the hiring process to take up to four to six weeks. You will be contacted directly if there is any interest in moving forward in the hiring process.
No. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, it is simply not possible for us to respond to calls or emails about application status. However, you can log in to the online system at any time to check the status of your application.
Your candidate profile and application will remain on file indefinitely. However, applications are only tied to the specific position for which you applied. If you are interested in more than one position, you must log in to your candidate profile and apply to each position individually.
There is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply to, however we strongly encourage you to be sure you meet the required minimum qualifications for all positions you apply for in the system. Our online system allows you to apply for up to 10 different jobs at one time or up to 25 jobs in a 30-day period, however, you should only apply for those jobs that you are truly qualified for. Please consider, that just because the online system makes it easy for you to apply for multiple positions, it doesn’t mean you should. Applying for too many positions, especially positions that do not match to your qualifications and skill sets, can send the message that you are not fully interested in any particular position. To determine if you are qualified for a position, you should first carefully review the minimum qualifications. For example, if the job is asking for 3-5 years of experience as a supervisor in the minimum qualifications, yet you have no management experience, you would not meet the minimum qualifications for this position. Your application will not make it through the first screening process.
To optimize your chances of making it through our screening process, you should only apply for those positions that closely match your education, experience and skill level. Taking a thoughtful approach to the job search and application process—rather than applying to multiple positions—will yield the best results.
Please understand that the recruiting process takes time—between four to six weeks, on average. You can log in to your online account at any time to check the status of your application. Rest assured that if you are selected to move forward in the process, or if we need additional information from you, a Children's recruiter will contact you. Learn more about our recruitment process.
We are committed to finding the right candidate for the right job. This can take time. On average, it takes four to six weeks for the application process. However, some recruitment methods can be more time intensive. For example, our hiring managers often use search committees to interview candidates, which can extend the process. Learn more about our recruitment process.
All jobs posted online are open positions for which we are currently accepting applications. Our online list is always up-to-date. Even if a post date appears to be old (or you have seen it out there for some time), the job announcement is still active.
No. If the position is no longer posted online, we are no longer accepting applications for that position.
No. When you set up your online profile, you are given the option to receive email notifications based on your job interests. When a position is posted that matches the job categories you’ve selected, our system will automatically send an email notification to you. Please keep in mind that these jobs have been selected based on your interests, but may not necessarily be a good match for your qualifications. As with any job announcement, please review the job description carefully before applying.
As part of the online application process, your qualifications will be reviewed carefully to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements or essential criteria described in the job description. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a specific job, you will not be considered. However, we encourage you to continue to search for and apply for positions that more closely align with your skill set and qualifications.
Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to provide feedback to candidates who were not selected for a position. Please rest assured that we are committed to selecting the most qualified applicant and best overall fit for each position based on the minimum and preferred qualifications.
Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to personally contact every applicant. You should receive an email confirming that your application has been received, and we will contact candidates who have been selected for further consideration. We encourage you to check the status of your application online by logging in to your profile. Learn more about our recruitment process.
To reset your password, you must enter your email address and click the “Forgot Password” link located on the sign-in screen. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email containing a link that will allow you to create a new password.
A small number of candidates, often referred candidates, may encounter instructions to reset their password so that their accounts can be synchronized.

In order for this process to complete successfully, you’ll need to ensure that the page displaying the reset request remains open because you’ll need it later. Click the link provided in the pop-up message and complete the password reset process. When you receive the confirmation page that the password has been reset successfully, return to the original screen that prompted you to reset the password and enter that password in the “Enter your NEW password here” field.

Following these steps should allow you to progress to the new screen and this password should be used going forward. If you are unable to complete the process successfully, contact for additional assistance.

If you still have questions that are not answered above, please contact the recruitment team at